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 Feeling the need to reach a new generation of women who know and understand the difference between simply being a female  of the species, and those women who are a step above that definition and seek the life, lifestyle, products and 
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The term lady is a term a of respect for a woman and is generally considered as the female equivalent to a gentleman. Once confined to usage when specifically addressing women of high social class or status; over the last 300 years, the term has spread to the possibility of embracing every adult woman in the world today.

If you enjoy the finer aspects of life, and the confidence that comes from being a true lady in today's ever changing modern world, is your number one online destination that delivers the information and real scoop on what separates the "ladylike" lifestyle from the ordinary and mundane. Welcome to the world of the finer things in life that separate those women who can appreciate the best life has to offer.