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  Women who feel the need to work out will be seeing a trend back toward the basics of traditional workouts and exercise routines in the near future.

Although being a healthy and well-adjusted lady does not necessarily mean a woman is an avid and active athlete, being healthy and physically fit are great qualities that every woman desires to have in her life if possible. Women today who want to be both physically fit and ladylike don’t have to train around the clock at a gym or lift weights until their muscles bulge, but they will have to at least engage in basic exercise often enough to achieve the best physical shape they can get into. For many women today, this usually means joining a gym, health club or yoga studio to get into shape. For others, it can simply mean jogging, taking long walks or just doing a lot of sit-ups at home in front of the television set.

The recent proliferation of exercise equipment intended for home use has also made it easier for women to exercise on their own at home these days and in the last decade many American women have adopted a back-to-basics attitude with more of a focus on small-group training because exercising in groups can help lower the costs of getting into shape. Whether at home, or at the gym, smaller-group training makes sense because the consumers get the quality and affordability they’re looking for and the personal trainers like it too because small groups can help them maximize their earning potential per time spent. The back-to-basics attitude toward physical exercise also fits in with the nation’s current weak economy that puts more pressure on already stressed household budgets

Going forward into 2013, it appears that American women who want to get into shape will be exercising more, but spending less money and time to do it. People will still be joining gyms and buying exercise equipment, but the attraction of high-end specialized training and high-cost specialized equipment may be somewhat on the wane as we approach the middle of this decade. Right now, it appears that some of the basic traditional exercise and fitness trends will gain some ground at the same time. For modern women who are definitely ladies, but still feel the need to work out to stay in the best shape, there are some older physical fitness trends that look to gain more followers including practices like Pilates or yoga that have recently been so assimilated into the mainstream that they are no longer really new trends.

Women’s fitness trends for women that you’ll probably be seeing a lot more of in 2013 include:

Strength Training - An essential tool for maintaining overall health and weight management.

Weight Loss Maintenance – As a response to the nations’ obesity health crisis.

Fitness Education - More fitness training and coaching by credentialed professionals.

Elderly Programs - More out-of-shape older adult women will need instruction to remain healthy and active.

Personal Training - More personal training will become accessible as the costs go down.

Core Training – Women need balance, back strength and middle-body conditioning too.

Physician Interface – More medical doctors and fitness professionals will combine to present integrated exercise and wellness programs.

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