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Being a Lady

Although what makes a woman a lady has changed and evolved over time, at the end of the day being a lady it is ultimately about believing the best about yourself. 

Although there are many theories on how one can become a lady, one thing that is certain is that being a woman does not automatically make one a lady. Being a lady does not require great wealth either. Being a lady and acting like a lady is actually a style of living and a skill that must be learned over time. Most women who are now considered ladies learned their ladylike behavior beginning when they were little girls. Over time, and through the multiple tasks of reading, understanding, imitating, and acting like a lady, they actually became ladies.

The key to understanding the learning process of how to become a lady depends largely on what being a lady means to you. Many people today conjure images of famous movie actresses or royal “ladies” from the Victorian era when they hear the term being discussed. In some cases women might even feel that they must imitate the past and go back to older styles of clothing in order to look ladylike and elegant. In our current culture of celebrity worship here in the U.S. today, many of our female celebrities and their movie and television characters are imitated as the ultimate reference points of ladylike behavior due to the high visibility they now enjoy in the media. However, actually being a lady really requires more than just imitation. These days being a lady can mean many different things because our society’s manners, attitudes, behavior and social values have changed so much from the past that the definition of being a lady has many people, especially women, confused.

Today's definition of a lady means that a woman knows that educating herself from basic education to common sense and manners, will empower her to become considered as a woman of accomplishment and status. A true lady knows that money alone cannot deliver satisfaction in her life as she knows that beauty and wealth can be fleeting. A real lady knows that her inner character along with the esteem in which she holds herself and others, and her sincerity and thoughtfulness will demonstrate her ladylike values and cause those who know her to ultimately judge her as a true lady. Being a lady is about being decisive and assured, and knowing exactly how to go about your life and what to do in every situation. In the end, being a lady is really about choosing to believe the best about yourself and others as well. 

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